Crypto Knights is a turn-based strategy game in a multiverse setting that lets you earn cryptocurrency while playing

The story begins when Harma, the peaceful world, the place for trade and communication is suddenly plunged into war, as different races engage in a fierce military confrontation for the right to possess the Elementarium - the legendary crystal
about GAME
Fight on PvP arenas to earn cryptocurrency and increase your rank. The higher your rank is, the greater the rewards will be!
Hire and train heroes and units with unique skills, build your own strategy to win!
Build your castle and gather a formidable army to find the Elementatium or take it to the PvP arena right away!
Start quest
To start the quest you need to link your cryptocurrency wallet to save the game progress in your CAPS
You can get free CAPS by participating in Airdrops or you can choose and purchase Starter Packs
Complete quests in a solo adventure to get resources that will help you to upgrade the castle and rare items for the heroes
Play and complete tasks
How to starT playing
Play through the single-player story campaign or fight on the PvP arena to get cryptocurrency, rare items, and extra bonuses
Caps is a cross platform
NFT game object
CAPS collect game progress and updates data in Blockchain
The more successful CAPS in the game - the more liquidity it gets
What is Caps?
4. rarity
2. level
1. GAME Experience
The more you play, the more experienced your CAPS is.

There are 4 rarities of CAPS: Regular, Special, Rare, Premium. The rarity depends on the total number of CAPS released. This indicator is determined initially and cannot be increased.

It affects:
• Success of CAPS in games.
• Amount of experience gained for completing tasks.
Level depends on CAPS experience. You can pump it by getting experience points in games. The higher the level is, the more bonuses and cryptocurrency you will get.
CAPS contains cryptocurrency. You get CapsCoin cryptocurrency to your CAPS wallet for completing tasks. The higher the level of your CAPS is, the rarer it is, and the faster you complete tasks - the more cryptocurrency you will win.
We use ENVELOP protocol to provide you with the best monetization of your NFT CAPS
You can read more about the technical information of the ENVELOP protocol

How it works
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What is CAPS?
Cross-platform NFT game object that collects cryptocurrency, game progress and updates data in Blockchain.
What is CryptoKnights game?
CryptoKnights is a strategy MMO game in the infinite universe where you need to fight to find the global treasure.
How much does CAPS cost?
You can buy a Pack that contains x3 CAPS or win CAPS by completing quests. The cost of individual CAPS is determined by the rarity and level. The rarer and more boosted CAPS, the more it costs.
How to get the first CAPS?
To start the game you need to buy a Pack or get the first free CAPS.
To get a free CAPS you have to do simple actions:
  • Subscribe to our public accounts and join our community in social networks.
  • Link your cryptocurrency wallet to get the first free CAPS on it.
How to play?
To start the quest, you need to:
1. Link your cryptocurrency wallet and have at least one CAPS on it.
2. After getting a hero's CAPS from the pack, you will automatically obtain it in the game and will be able to start gathering your troops.
3. Your hero is always linked to a specific CAPS, while units can be linked to any cap from any collection you have. Thus, in Crypto Knights, you can upgrade any of your CAPS!
4. Collect the rarest CAPS from the Crypto Knights collection to get the maximum bonuses in the game.
5. Just play the game, and the game experience will increase the level of your CAPS, which means it also increases its value and the income that it can bring you.
NIFTSY protocol
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